Guggenheim Museum's Ceiling

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Guggenheim Museum's Ceiling - United States
Guggenheim Museum's Ceiling - United States
@renolaithienne - Unsplash
Guggenheim Museum's Ceiling
📍 United States
The Guggenheim Museum's Ceiling is a stunning piece of modern architecture in the heart of New York City. Constructed in 1959, it was designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright and is an iconic example of his organic style. The building is made up of a curved, white spiral shell that spans almost three stories. Inside, the ceiling is painted in an abstract design featuring a pattern of rectangles that come alive with light and color depending on the angle of the sun. This design effect makes it one of the most celebrated works of architecture in the world. Despite being almost 60 years old, the Guggenheim Museum's Ceiling continues to awe visitors with its beauty and its unique structure.

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