Grundvigs Church

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Grundvigs Church - Desde Inside, Denmark
Grundvigs Church - Desde Inside, Denmark
@kaspercph - Unsplash
Grundvigs Church
📍 Desde Inside, Denmark
Grundvigs Church is a stunning architectural wonder in Copenhagen. It was designed by the famous Danish architect, Jrgen Utzon. The church is a fantasic representation of his architectural vision. The building is created in modernist style with curved walls and an exquistie cupola made of reinforced concrete. Inside, the walls are painted with a variety of colors and patterns inspired by eastern techniques. It is a stunning art deco masterpiece. As for its location, the Church is situated in the Frederiksberg commune close to the city center of Copenhagen. The location of Grundvigs Church makes it one of the most popular spots for photography, as the towers and curves make it the perfect backdrop for photos. Visiting Grundvigs Church is a must for anyone interested in architecture, modern art or experiencing the beauty of Copenhagen.

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