Great Dome - MIT

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Great Dome - MIT - Desde Killian Court, United States
Great Dome - MIT - Desde Killian Court, United States
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Great Dome - MIT
📍 Desde Killian Court, United States
The Great Dome at MIT is an iconic landmark building located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The dome, crowned with a gold coated weather vane, is the symbolic and visual center of the university's campus. It stands at the center of the Charles River Campus, atop the main 6-story Administration building (Building 10). The dome serves as a symbol of knowledge and discovery, representing the spirit of exploration that MIT fosters. It has featured prominently in many movies, documentaries, and exhibits. Although it may look like a classic rotunda, it was actually designed by architect William Welles Bosworth to be an open-air amphitheater. The dome is open to the public and is a popular spot for walking, admiring the architecture, and occasionally hosting events.

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