Goðafoss Waterfall

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Goðafoss Waterfall - Desde East side, Iceland
Goðafoss Waterfall - Desde East side, Iceland
@landonarnold - Unsplash
Goðafoss Waterfall
📍 Desde East side, Iceland
Goðafoss waterfall is a stunning natural landmark located in Fossholl, Iceland. The name “Goðafoss” means “waterfall of the gods” in Icelandic, and refers to the time when Iceland converted from paganism to Christianity in the year 1000. When the lawspeaker of the time threw the statues of the old Norse gods over the edge, Goðafoss has been referred to as the waterfall of gods ever since. The wide, horseshoe-shaped arc of the waterfall is one of the most unique features of this attraction with a drop of 12 meters (40 feet). Goðafoss is surrounded by lush green fields and mountains, making it all the more beautiful. Most visitors take in the majestic beauty of the waterfall in summer, however the waterfall is magical in the winter months when it is blanketed in snow. So whatever season you visit, be sure to bring your camera and capture the magic of Goðafoss.

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