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Gjogv - Desde Crownprincess Mary's Bench, Faroe Islands
Gjogv - Desde Crownprincess Mary's Bench, Faroe Islands
@anniespratt - Unsplash
📍 Desde Crownprincess Mary's Bench, Faroe Islands
Gjogv is a picturesque village located in the valleys of the Faroe Islands with a population of just 58 people. The village was named after the incredible natural harbour formed by sea erosion in the nearby cliffs. Gjogv is renowned for its stunning blue waters and stunning backdrop of grass-topped houses.

A popular spot in Gjogv is ‘Crownprincess Mary's Bench’. It was unveiled in 2020 in honour of Crown Princess Mary's visit to the area. The bench overlooks the village with stunning views over the ocean and out towards the cliffs. A perfect spot to admire nature’s beauty. Visitors will be able to appreciate the serenity of nature in Gjogv as well as the vibrant buildings. Walking along the waterfront and through the streets of the village, tourists will be able to meet the locals, learn about the traditional way of life and take loads of picturesque snaps. Visitors can also sample a unique range of local delicacies and products that reflect the culture and landscape. Gjogv is home to an interactive museum, which is the perfect place to explore more about the village and the Faroe Islands.

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