Garibaldi Lake

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Garibaldi Lake - Desde Trail, Canada
Garibaldi Lake - Desde Trail, Canada
@von_co - Unsplash
Garibaldi Lake
📍 Desde Trail, Canada
Garibaldi Lake is a turquoise-coloured glacial lake situated in Garibaldi Provincial Park in Whistler, British Columbia. The unique setting, surrounded by mountains, volcanoes and glaciers, is the highlight of the park and its trails. It offers breathtaking views of the magnificent alpine landscape, with the snow-covered volcanic peak of Mount Garibaldi providing an especially striking backdrop. There are plenty of outdoor activities in the park, including camping, hiking and backcountry skiing, canoeing, kayaking, swimming and horseback riding. Photographers will love the opportunity to snap stunning shots of the stunning mountain and glacier vistas, with wildflowers and the lake's crystal clear waters appearing foreground. In August, snow and floating icebergs create a truly magical scene, while December-April are the months with the best chances of seeing excellent views due to relatively cloud-free days.

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