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Gaggiano - Desde Via Roma, Italy
Gaggiano - Desde Via Roma, Italy
📍 Desde Via Roma, Italy
Gaggiano is a village in (the province of) Milan, Italy. With its cobbled streets, low-roofed cottages, abundant vineyards and lush surroundings, it is a beautiful example of the rural Lombardy landscape. The area is well-known for its production of wines and grapes, and the local producers offer tours to visitors. Gaggiano is a picturesque village, surrounded by rolling hills and meadows. With centuries-old architecture and quaint streets, exploring the village is a unique experience. You can also visit Iglesia di San Clemente, an ancient church, or Castello di Gaggiano, an old castle. The area offers many outdoor activities such as trekking, horse riding, fishing and swimming. There are also numerous local restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy traditional Italian cuisine. Soak up the picturesque atmosphere of Gaggiano with a visit!

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