Frederiksborg Slot

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Frederiksborg Slot - Desde Square, Denmark
Frederiksborg Slot - Desde Square, Denmark
Frederiksborg Slot
📍 Desde Square, Denmark
Frederiksborg Slot, in Hillerød, Denmark, is one of the most beautiful castles in Europe. Built in the 17th century by the famous King Christian IV, the castle is a lavish expression of grandeur. It's located in the center of Hillerød, a small town near Copenhagen. Here you can admire the stunning architecture, galleries and richly decorated chapel. A number of parks, formal gardens and romantic bridges form an atmosphere of true sophistication, with a touch of fairy-tale romance. You can also enjoy the renowned collection of historical artifacts in the castles Museum of National History. There is a wide variety of activities available, including boat trips and guided tours. Here the traveler will find something to their taste, whether it be caught up in the beauty of the gardens or interested in the history behind the majestic castle.

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