Forteresse de Salses

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Forteresse de Salses - Desde Walls, France
Forteresse de Salses - Desde Walls, France
Forteresse de Salses
📍 Desde Walls, France
The Forteresse de Salses is a 15th century fortress located in the southern French town of Salses-le-Château. As one of the most impressive fortified structures in Europe, the fortress stands as a massive reminder of the days of the Spanish and French Empires. The structure is made up of four square wings connected to the main castle. Each wing had a drawbridge, with a moat around the structure. Inside, the castle was built with thick walls, towers, and gunpowder shops. The fortress was eventually taken by France, though it was heavily fortified by the Spanish until then. Today, the Forteresse de Salses is a popular tourist attraction. Visitors can explore fortification systems, bastions, turrets, and underground tunnels. They can also take a guided tour in one of two audio-visual forms. In addition, there are onsite exhibits to explore, including one dedicated to the castle's history. Visitors can also explore the vast estate, including the gardens and its lake.

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