Fort Thüngen

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Fort Thüngen - Desde Entrance, Luxembourg
Fort Thüngen - Desde Entrance, Luxembourg
Fort Thüngen
📍 Desde Entrance, Luxembourg
Fort Thüngen is located in the capital of Luxembourg, Luxembourg city. Named after the owner of the place, Jean-Baptiste d’Thüngen, the fort was originally a fortress of the old fortified city. Today, it is a cultural centre, hosting the annual Jazz Rallye music festival.

Visitors to Fort Thüngen can explore three levels of fortifications dating back to the 1740s. The first level to explore is a natural bridge, rising up over two walls, a water ditch and a gunboat, as well as a military cemetery. Later levels include a main courtyard surrounded by the fortifications of the fortress and the inner parts of the fort. You can also visit the Fort Thüngen Museum, offering a glimpse into the rich history of the fort.The museum includes a variety of exhibits, including a mini-zoo, which is perfect for families. Other exhibits cover items from the fort’s eventful past, such as a bell from the 15th century, early weapons and other relics. Outside of the fort, visitors can explore the Parc de Sesquieres, a lush green park with a large pond and plenty of wildlife. With so much to explore, Fort Thüngen is a great destination for anyone looking to explore the country’s history and culture.

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