Foresthill Bridge

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Foresthill Bridge - Desde Below, United States
Foresthill Bridge - Desde Below, United States
@cristofer - Unsplash
Foresthill Bridge
📍 Desde Below, United States
Foresthill Bridge is the fourth-highest bridge in the United States, located in Placer County, California in the city of Auburn. It spans the North Fork of the American River, just off of I-80, with a scenic view of the river and mountains on both sides. There are many places you can drive towards and nearby to get a glimpse of this grand bridge. From hiking trails and lookout points, to the busy yet lovely mountain town of Auburn, the towering 730 foot bridge is a must-see. If you're up for the challenge, you can even bungee jump off of the bridge! If you're coming from the Auburn side, you'll find the historic gold mining town and an old mining bridge to be seen. Either way, it's easy to spend a day exploring this majestic location.

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