Fontana di Diana

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Fontana di Diana - Italy
Fontana di Diana - Italy
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Fontana di Diana
📍 Italy
Fontana di Diana is a spectacular sight located among the archaeological site of ancient Syracuse in southeast Sicily. The Greek-style fountain is said to have been built between the 2nd and 3rd centuries BC as a symbol of the influence of the people of Syracuse. The impressive stone structure features a large semi-circular pool with a spring-fed fountain at its center, flanked by two elegant curved staircases. The fountain is said to have originally been surrounded by six marble statues depicting the goddess of hunting, Diana, and her nymphs. The statues were replaced in the 18th century with six stone busts representing Apollo, Bacchus, and other prominent figures from antiquity. While only five of the busts remain, they still make this majestic fountain a must-see on any visit to Syracuse.

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