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Flag Door - Desde Calle San José, Puerto Rico
Flag Door - Desde Calle San José, Puerto Rico
@thetaikun - Unsplash
Flag Door
📍 Desde Calle San José, Puerto Rico
Finland on the northern Scandinavian Peninsula is a truly magical winter wonderland. Snow blankets the landscape during the winter months, making for picturesque skylines and crystal blue lakes. Summer brings the reverse, with lush forests and vibrant sunshine bathing the land. Despite the cold, there are lots of exciting outdoor activities to do in the winter, from snowshoeing and skiing to snow-tubing and snowmobile riding. Reindeer farms, museums, and churches dot the countryside, adding to its beauty. The cities of Helsinki and Rovaniemi draw in visitors from around the world to experience their beauty, culture, and cuisine. Northern lights, panoramic landscapes, and an endless array of animals and foliage, including reindeer, red foxes and cloudberries, tantalize visitors and photographers alike.

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