Fisherman Statue

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Fisherman Statue - United States
Fisherman Statue - United States
Fisherman Statue
📍 United States
The Fisherman Statue in Eastport, United States is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area. It was created in 1998 to commemorate the contributions of the fishing industry of Eastport, Maine. It serves as both an iconic landmark and a symbol of Eastport's fishing heritage. The statue stands in front of the local fishing pier, looking out towards the ocean. The Fisherman Statue is a larger-than-life copper statue of Henry Johnson, a famous Eastport fisherman. The statue is over 16 feet tall and is one of the largest copper statues in the world. It captures Johnson's strength and determination to brave the toughest fishing conditions, and it is a great spot to take in Eastport's beautiful views of the ocean and shoreline.

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