Fiorenza Lake

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Fiorenza Lake - Italy
Fiorenza Lake - Italy
Fiorenza Lake
📍 Italy
Fiorenza Lake is a charming, alpine lake in the Italian alps, near the town of Crissolo. Due to its small size, the lake is always quiet and tranquil, making its an ideal spot to take a peaceful break after hiking through the nearby mountains. Its unique two-color water, with a deeper green hue along the edges, is stunning, and offers stunning views of the surrounding snowy peaks. The lake has few services, but what it lacks in facilities is more than made up for its natural beauty. Wildlife lovers will have much to enjoy here, as the lake is a haven for birds, particularly ducks and geese, who like to take a dip in its shallow waters. The lake offers a place to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and find relaxation in nature.

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