Filarete Tower

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Filarete Tower - Desde Front, Italy
Filarete Tower - Desde Front, Italy
Filarete Tower
📍 Desde Front, Italy
Filarete Tower is a fascinating example of Renaissance architecture in Milan, located in the Sforza Castle complex. This imposing tower was designed and constructed by the Italian architect and sculptor Filarete in the year 1451. It stands over 50 meters tall and its facade is finished with protruding white and pink marble. The Filarete Tower is known to have an irregular shape, and its internal structure consists of a spiral staircase, which leads up to a canopy that is open on all sides providing stunning views of the city. Visitors can access the tower and make their way up to the top levels, where they can take in magnificent views of the Duomo, the Columns of San Lorenzo, and the courtyard. The Filarete Tower is a must-see for history and architecture enthusiasts.

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