Felsenmeer Wental

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Felsenmeer Wental - Germany
Felsenmeer Wental - Germany
Felsenmeer Wental
📍 Germany
Felsenmeer Wental is an incredible and unique geological formation located near Bartholomä, Germany. Surrounded by the Hinter der Alpauf mountain range, this spectacular natural area consists of miles of large granite boulders draped upon one another creating an otherworldly landscape. Covering an area of 26 hectares, the collection of rocks, that go up to 5m in height in certain places, are made up of granite originating from Jura mountains. Caves, crevasses and rocky walls make up the area, however there is no major river flowing through here. This is a great spot for hikers and explorers due to the remarkable mountain sceneries, stunning rock formations and stunning forests. There are miles of trails providing an interesting journey through nature. During summer, the region offers plenty of camping sites with lakes for an even more fun experience.

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