Faro Haynes Cay

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Faro Haynes Cay - Colombia
Faro Haynes Cay - Colombia
Faro Haynes Cay
📍 Colombia
Faro Haynes Cay is a stunning beach located in San Andres, Colombia. With its long stretch of white sand and crystal-clear water, Faro Haynes Cay offers the perfect setting for a relaxing beach vacation. The landscape is dominated by blue skies, palm trees and small fishing boats. It is an ideal spot for swimming and snorkeling and boasts a coral reef brimming with exotic fish. Visitors should take time to explore nearby cays and lagoons, where visitors can spot hundreds of birds and aquatic life. Further away lies Johnny Cay, an astonishingly picturesque island which can be reached by boat. Despite its popularity, Faro Haynes is well-maintained and is one of the best beaches in the region. Make sure you pay it a visit whenever you find yourself in San Andres!

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Getting to this island is chaos. The boats go directly to "aquarius" (a beach that is nearby), and from there you can walk to this island. The island is nice, small, simple. But the "aquarium" zone is a detestable mess.
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