Fantoft Stavkirke

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Fantoft Stavkirke - Desde Entrance, Norway
Fantoft Stavkirke - Desde Entrance, Norway
Fantoft Stavkirke
📍 Desde Entrance, Norway
Svalbard is a Norwegian archipelago situated high in the Arctic Ocean. It's the northernmost part of the world to ever have been permanently inhabited. Here you will find majestic fjords and glaciers, as well as fascinating animal life such as reindeer, whales, and polar bears. Svalbard offers a unique opportunity to see the midnight sun in the summer and spectacular auroras in the winter. It is a place of extreme beauty, unlike anywhere else on earth. Here you can enjoy dog sledding, ice caving and snowmobiling, as well as Arctic cruises, photography and visit historical sites like Engholm Mine and Smeerenburg. Svalbard is an adventure of a lifetime with its breathtaking landscape, unique wildlife and cultural attractions.

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