Falaise d'Étretat

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Falaise d'Étretat - Desde Etretat's Beach, France
Falaise d'Étretat - Desde Etretat's Beach, France
@stefyaich - Unsplash
Falaise d'Étretat
📍 Desde Etretat's Beach, France
Falaise d'Étretat and Etretat's Beach are located in the commune of Étretat, Normandy and are some of the most iconic landscapes of the region. The Falaise d'Étretat consists of a majestic 3 km wall of white limestone that emerges from the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean, with three spectacular natural arches sculpted by the sea. Etretat's Beach is an impressive beach of golden sand, framed by the cliffs and two rocky promontories. It is the perfect place to take a refreshing bath in summer and to observe the amazing sunset views. Besides its scenic beauty, Étretat is also a great starting point for hikers, as the cliffs and the surrounding hills offer several paths to explore.

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