Fachada de 1910

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Fachada de 1910 - Desde Plaza 9 de Julio, Argentina
Fachada de 1910 - Desde Plaza 9 de Julio, Argentina
Fachada de 1910
📍 Desde Plaza 9 de Julio, Argentina
Fachada de 1910 and Plaza 9 de Julio are located within the city of Salta, Argentina. Plaza 9 de Julio is a large public plaza and one of the largest in South America. Its prominent features include a large marble fountain, a monument to the city of Salta, and the neoclassical Fachada de 1910 building, with its distinctive art nouveau stained glass windows. The plaza is the main meeting and gathering point in the city and of great importance to Salta's citizens. There are numerous cafes and restaurants surrounding it and the plaza is host to many outdoor activities, events, and festivals. Fachada de 1910 is a neoclassical building in Plaza 9 de Julio. It was completed in 1910 to embellish the area, and it certainly lives up to its purpose. Its centric location, combined with its eye-catching architecture and detailed mosaics, stained glass and sculptures, makes it one of the top attractions in Salta. The vibrant colors of the stained-glass windows and the intricate sculptures make it the perfect place for photographers to explore the beauty of Salta.

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