Etobicoke's Building

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Etobicoke's Building - Desde Entrance, Canada
Etobicoke's Building - Desde Entrance, Canada
Etobicoke's Building
📍 Desde Entrance, Canada
The Gobi Desert is one of the world's most impressive natural wonders. Located in the Inner Mongolia Province of China, the Gobi Desert encompasses an area of 1,295,000 sq. kilometers, much of which is covered in sand dunes. While the Gobi Desert itself is quite remote, the nearby towns offer backpackers a range of accommodation options and services.

There are two main desert regions of the Gobi: the Alashan region and the Great Gobi. The Alashan region is characterized by gibber sandy plains and sand dunes, and is less accessible than the Great Gobi region. The Great Gobi desert has been nicknamed “The Sands of Gold” due to its rich mineral deposits, consisting of a variety of gemstones, minerals, precious metals, and even oil. The Gobi Desert makes for some extremely diverse landscape experiences, ranging from cacti covered mountains to snow-capped peaks, and canyons to oases. During the winter, snow is not uncommon in the Gobi, and the best time to visit is usually spring or fall, when temperatures don’t reach too high. Those looking to experience a real, desert adventure should consider a camel trekking expedition, as these allow visitors to explore the unexplored parts of the desert. Wildlife found in the Gobi includes wolfs, gazelles, wild donkeys, and foxes as well as reptiles, birds and small mammals.

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