Entrence Marsh's Library

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Entrence Marsh's Library - Ireland
Entrence Marsh's Library - Ireland
Entrence Marsh's Library
📍 Ireland
Entrance Marsh's Library is a fascinating gem located in the bustling heart of Dublin, Ireland. It is the oldest surviving public library in Ireland with its origins dating back to 1707. Founded by Dublin-born Dublin physician, Narcissus Marsh, it is home to a stunning collection of books and manuscripts with over 25,000 items on its shelves. The library was used by many important Irish figures such as Jonathan Swift, Emily Lawless, and Samuel Johnson. It also has an impressive double main reading room, a strong room with eight locks, and an additional four rooms containing a reference library and rare books. Visitors to the library can explore a range of different items such as a 16th century prayer book, a book of hours, and a number of historical manuscripts from a variety of authors. It is certainly a unique place to visit and explore the history and literature of Ireland.

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