Emerald Bay

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Emerald Bay - Desde Viewpoint, United States
Emerald Bay - Desde Viewpoint, United States
@wesleygibbs - Unsplash
Emerald Bay
📍 Desde Viewpoint, United States
Emerald Bay is a breathtakingly beautiful part of Lake Tahoe in the United States. It is a natural bay that was formed 500,000 years ago and is protected from the larger lake. It features a stunning jade-green color of the water caused by its rock particles. At Emerald Bay, you can enjoy a variety of activities like swimming, hiking, boating, and kayaking. The Bay is best known for its iconic Eagle Falls, which is a beautiful two-level waterfall with a viewing platform. The lake is also home to the famous Vikingsholm, a 28-room Scandinavian-style estate built in 1929 that overlooks the lake. The bay is a reminder of the beauty of nature; while the cascading waterfalls, verdant mountain forests, and cobalt-blue lake make this a must-visit spot for any traveler or photographer.

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