El Parterre

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El Parterre - Spain
El Parterre - Spain
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El Parterre
📍 Spain
The El Parterre in Valencia, Spain is a large and beautifully manicured square located in the city centre. It dates back to the early 1800's and has been remodeled several times since then to create its current unique art deco appearance. The square is lined with lush grass, fruit trees and shrubbery that offer a pleasant respite from the bustling city centre. At one end of the square is a statue dedicated to the famous Spanish poet Francisco de Goya, and at another is a public fountain and cascading fountains. The square is surrounded by numerous popular cafes and terrace bars which offer the perfect place to relax, enjoy a snack and people watch. A visit to El Parterre is a must for any visitor to Valencia and offers spectacular views of the city's skyline. Photography enthusiasts will want to bring their cameras as the light and vibrant foliage make this a great spot for capturing some stunning shots!

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