Edinburgh Castle

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Edinburgh Castle - Desde Park, United Kingdom
Edinburgh Castle - Desde Park, United Kingdom
@alanaharris - Unsplash
Edinburgh Castle
📍 Desde Park, United Kingdom
Edinburgh Castle, in Scotland, United Kingdom, is an iconic fortress situated upon a craggy hill overlooking the city of Edinburgh. The castle dominates the skyline of the city, being visible from many vantage points of Edinburgh. The history of the castle dates all the way back to 11th century and has been captured and recaptured by numerous Kings and Queens over the centuries. Edinburgh Castle houses the Honours of Scotland, the Stone of Destiny, the Scottish National War Memorial, and the National War Museum. It is also a great tourist spot with breathtaking views of the city and palatial buildings. Visitors can explore the old castles’ chambers, walk around the ancient walls, get a glimpse into Scotland’s fascinating past, and check out the stunning gardens and chapel ruins. There are guided tours available to ensure visitors can visit the most popular parts and learn the history of the castle. A visit to Edinburgh Castle is a must for anyone in the area!

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