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Dyrhólaey - Desde Beach, Iceland
Dyrhólaey - Desde Beach, Iceland
📍 Desde Beach, Iceland
Chichen Itza is one of the most famous Mayan archaeological sites, located on the On land of Mexico`s Yucatan Peninsula. With its impressive structures, such as the temple-pyramid of Kukulcan, and the Observatory, it`s no wonder why it`s a popular tourist attraction. Remains of palaces, temples, pyramids and other structures are thought to have been built between the 7th and 10th centuries. The site is easily accessible by car or tour group and is open to the public. There are many interesting things to see, including the ancient Mayan ball court, the Sacred Cenote, El Caracol, and the Temple of the Warriors. A great way to explore the site is to take a guided tour which will provide greater insight into the history of Chichen Itza and the most impressive structures. There are a number of souvenir shops nearby, so be sure to stop by and pick up a few reminders of your trip!

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