Duomo di Firenze

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Duomo di Firenze - Desde Via dei Servi, Italy
Duomo di Firenze - Desde Via dei Servi, Italy
Duomo di Firenze
📍 Desde Via dei Servi, Italy
The Duomo di Firenze is an engineering masterpiece. Situated in the center of Florence, the cathedral was built in the 15th century. It is an awe-inspiring sight to behold with an iconic red dome topped with a golden lantern. Inside, visitors can explore the massive interior adorned with marble, paintings, and monuments. Adjacent to the Duomo is the mesmerizing Campanile of Giotto where many visitors ascend to a storm-defying lookout. Ahead lies Piazza del Duomo, a gorgeous outdoor center surrounded by striking architecture and museums. It is the perfect refuge to view fountains, statues, and vibrant piazzas. It is also where an array of shops and restaurants can be found. With its captivating beauty, the Duomo di Firenze remains as an unforgettable attraction in Florence.

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