Dugald Stewart Monument

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Dugald Stewart Monument - Desde Viewpoint, United Kingdom
Dugald Stewart Monument - Desde Viewpoint, United Kingdom
@connormollison - Unsplash
Dugald Stewart Monument
📍 Desde Viewpoint, United Kingdom
The Dugald Stewart Monument is an iconic memorial located in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, dedicated to Scottish philosopher and mathematician Dugald Stewart. The monument was erected in 1831 and is located at the east end of Princes Street Gardens in Edinburgh. It consists of a tall column with a statue of Dugald Stewart atop it. Below the statue is a frieze depicting the development of philosophy. Visitors can also find a quotation from Stewart on the plinth base of the monument. Visitors can enjoy scenic views of the city of Edinburgh and the surrounding landscape from the top of the monument. Tourists can also learn about the iconic landmark, its history and its creator Dugald Stewart, as well as its significance to the citizens of Edinburgh.

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