Duffey road

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Duffey road - Desde Seton Lake View, Canada
Duffey road - Desde Seton Lake View, Canada
Duffey road
📍 Desde Seton Lake View, Canada
Duffey Road and Seton Lake View in Lillooet, Canada is a stunning combination of stunning views and winding roads. Make sure to bring your camera - and an extra battery - there's plenty of incredible opportunities to take memorable photos. Everywhere you turn, there are breathtaking views of the towering mountains, glorious tumbling waterfalls and glistening lakes. Nature abounds with wildflowers, cascading rivers and lush foliage - all the ingredients for the perfect backdrop. And then there's the road. The twisting and curving shape of Duffey Road offers an exciting and enjoyable drive with amazing views of Seton Lake and the rugged mountain peaks. Enjoy and take plenty of pictures - this is an experience you won't soon forget!

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