Dubai Expo 2020 - UAE Pavilion

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Dubai Expo 2020 - UAE Pavilion - Desde Inside, Dubai
Dubai Expo 2020 - UAE Pavilion - Desde Inside, Dubai
Dubai Expo 2020 - UAE Pavilion
📍 Desde Inside, Dubai
The UAE Pavilion at Dubai Expo 2020 is sure to be one of the great experiences of the event. With its striking architectural design, the Pavilion will symbolize a renewed focus on sustainable values and a sense of interconnectivity with the world. Inside, visitors will be taken through an immersive journey of experiences that take them through the UAE’s national identity, highlighting the country’s proud history, traditions, culture, innovation, and spirit of inclusivity. Here, the future is celebrated and explored through engaging exhibitions, interactive experiences, and inspiring stories. There will be also attractions like the Constellation Hall, Innovation Dome, and Theater of Dreams. Don't miss this experience and add this to your itinerary as this will be one of the unique experiences at the Dubai Expo 2020.

You can access the UAE Pavilion from the Dubai Expo 2020 metro station, and it is connected to the site's central plaza. There is an array of great restaurants, shops and art galleries to explore while enjoying a stroll around the many courtyard gardens and fountains that decorate the site. There is a lot to experience at the UAE Pavilion and the entire site, so come and check it out for yourself!

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