Downpatrick Head

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Downpatrick Head - Ireland
Downpatrick Head - Ireland
Downpatrick Head
📍 Ireland
Downpatrick Head is a dramatic location located in the Muingreevagh region of Ireland where both land and sea meet. Its rugged coastline makes it a great place to explore and discover the history of this area. At the base of Downpatrick head there is Benwee Head, once the site of a prehistoric settlement. Further on, there are two prominent limestone sea stacks - the Cathedral Rocks and Elephant Rock, both of which make for an extremely unique and photogenic view. You can explore the caves of Poll an Phoca and Laune which can be accessed at low tide. Here at Downpatrick Head you may also see the lighthouse built in 1830 and the ruins of Saint Patrick's Church of Ireland. This is definitely a spot for for a scenic and entertaining exploration of natural beauty.

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