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Dinant - Desde Citadel van Dinant, Belgium
Dinant - Desde Citadel van Dinant, Belgium
📍 Desde Citadel van Dinant, Belgium
Dinant is a remarkable city located in the picturesque area of the Meuse Valley in southeastern Belgium. The city is a great destination for photographers, full of charming homes, quaint churches, and terrific landscape scenes. Visiting the Dinant Citadel, in particular, is a must. Built atop a dramatic rock outcrop, the citadel is a huge V-shaped 18th-century fortress with a commanding view of the city’s skyline and the winding river below. There are detailed frescoes and bas-relief sculptures that adorn the fortress walls, providing unique details and angles for incredible photos. Other must-visit sites for photographers in Dinant include the Collégiale Notre-Dame, an impressive church from the 13th century, the beautiful Quai de la Meuse promenade, and the bustling Place Leffe.

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