Davenport Pier

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Davenport Pier - Desde Beach, United States
Davenport Pier - Desde Beach, United States
@jbcreate_ - Unsplash
Davenport Pier
📍 Desde Beach, United States
The Davenport Pier, located near the town of Davenport, California, is renowned for its stunning scenery. This pier is a must-see location along the scenic Pacific Coast Highway, boasting stunning views of the vast blue Pacific Ocean, along with the stunning rocky cliffs and stunning sunsets. The Pier offers various activities such as sightseeing, fishing, windsurfing, hiking and biking. Visitors can also look for many varieties of birds, whales, seals and otters. Since the setting is so relaxing and calming, it is also ideal for leisurely strolls among the modern infrastructure, whose design compliments the surrounding nature. Whether you are looking for a place to simply watch the day go by, or a great place to experience nature, the Davenport Pier is the perfect place for you.

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