Dante Alighieri's Tomb

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Dante Alighieri's Tomb - Italy
Dante Alighieri's Tomb - Italy
Dante Alighieri's Tomb
📍 Italy
Dante Alighieri's Tomb, located in a small church in Ravenna, Italy, is a place that pays tribute to the most influential poet of the Italian Renaissance. The small chapel, erected in 1780, holds the remains of Dante and marks the end of his exile from Florence. The chapel is classic in design, with a marble cardo and a vestibule containing a Latin inscription in Dante's honor. Inside the chapel, the wall behind the tomb is adorned with a painting from the 19th century, depicting the poet's death. The tomb is also surrounded by a blue dome that encases the walls, making it even more atmospheric. Today, tourists flock to the chapel to pay their respects to the great poet. The tomb is open for visits every day, making it easy for visitors to spend some time in this special place.

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