Dalehead Bunkhouse

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Dalehead Bunkhouse - United Kingdom
Dalehead Bunkhouse - United Kingdom
@anniespratt - Unsplash
Dalehead Bunkhouse
📍 United Kingdom
Dalehead Bunkhouse, located in Derbyshire county in the United Kingdom, is a great place for outdoor enthusiasts and photographers alike. Situated in the midst of stunning, raw nature, this is a great spot for anyone who loves connecting with nature and getting away from it all.

For hikers, Dalehead provides some of the most secluded, beautiful and challenging walks in the Peak District. Dalehead is surrounded by Bradford Dale, providing a tranquil viewing space for photography enthusiasts, or anyone who loves wildlife and beautiful scenery. The bunkhouse is set back from the main public footpaths and located in an area much quieter than the more popular tourist spots. Dalehead also provides stark contrast against the rolling hills of Derbyshire, and offers excellent views of both the White Peak and Dark Peak areas. There’s plenty of convenient places to stay – with a few local hotels, B&B’s, and of course the Dalehead Bunkhouse. The bunkhouse facilitates groups of up to 10 people, and offers hikers the chance to refuel and rest between long days of walking and exploring in the Peak District. So for those looking for a truly relaxing break, or just a chance to get away from it all and explore the Peak District in all its glory, Dalehead Bunkhouse is definitely worth a visit.

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