Cueva de las Coloradas

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Cueva de las Coloradas - Argentina
Cueva de las Coloradas - Argentina
Cueva de las Coloradas
📍 Argentina
Cueva de las Coloradas (also known as 'Cave of the Reds') is an incredible natural wonder located in the small town of Rivadavia, Mendoza Province, Argentina. It is one of the dozens of caves that form the Cuevas de Pampeanas tourism circuit in this region and it features some amazing geological features. Inside, the walls of the cave are covered with red and orange formations that create an unreal landscape. It also features a huge stalactite - the biggest and probably the most beautiful of the whole network - and a variety of bats. The cave is 89 metres deep, 40 metres wide, and 11 metres tall and it's estimated to be around 1000 years old. It's open to visitors every day, and it requires guide service to access the area. To maximize the experience, it's important to bring a lantern and good hiking shoes for an easy and fun exploration of this magical place.

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Medium intensity trekking circuit. Approx 3 hours if you go enjoying the landscape.
It is signposted. There are mountain guides at the base of the mountain. Attractiveness exists at the end of everything. A curve that leads to the Ullum Dam. The name is for the color of the earth. You can go down and touch the water.
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