Cretto di Burri

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Cretto di Burri - Italy
Cretto di Burri - Italy
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Cretto di Burri
📍 Italy
Cretto di Burri is an incredible site to visit in Gibellina, Italy. It is a site of art created by Alberto Burri in 1984, representing a fascinating process of regeneration after a devastating earthquake which hit the area in 1968. It is an immense plain of broken white stones, in which the remains of the old town are still visible, surrounded by a large wall. The art installation is impressive, with its winding paths and the abstract forms created by the square stones. Its concept is about acceptance versus resistance of time and nature. It is an ethereal landscape and a great metaphor of destruction and rebirth. A visit to Cretto di Burri is unique and very emotionally charged, making it one of the must-see sites in Sicily.

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