Crater Lake

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Crater Lake - Desde Merriam Point, United States
Crater Lake - Desde Merriam Point, United States
@sebastiengoldberg - Unsplash
Crater Lake
📍 Desde Merriam Point, United States
Crater Lake and Merriam Point in the United States is an area of stunning natural beauty, located in the volcanic Cascade Mountains of southern Oregon. Crater Lake is one of the nation's deepest and bluest bodies of water and Merriam Point is famous for its panoramic view of the caldera and Crater Lake. Activities in the area include camping, hiking, fishing and boating. Tourists can also visit Rim Drive, a spectacular drive around the 33 mile circumference of the lake, or one of the many lookouts for a breathtaking view of the lake. Wildlife watchers often visit the area to catch a glimpse of the varied species of birds, animals and fish. The nearby rim villages of Mazama and Rim Village are popular tourist destinations, offering beautiful views of the lake, as well as a wide array of activities and attractions. Whether you're after a thrilling adventure or a leisurely lakeside vacation, Crater Lake and Merriam Point have something for everyone.

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