Convento da Peninha

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Convento da Peninha - Desde West Side, Portugal
Convento da Peninha - Desde West Side, Portugal
@santiagoospina - Unsplash
Convento da Peninha
📍 Desde West Side, Portugal
The Convento da Peninha, located in Colares, Portugal, is a secluded convent that is perched atop a peak of a mountain about 300 meters above the sea. Built in the 14th century, the complex was always connected to a great example of spiritual devotion. Its two spacious courtyards, the Romanesque church, and the convent provides a unique atmosphere of tranquility that captures the imagination of the visitors in an almost magical way. The convent and its neighbouring buildings are surrounded by a lush forest, showcasing some pretty spectacular views, especially during sunset. Inside, apart from the lovely church, you'll find several rooms and chapels, fantastic display of azulejos (ceramic tiles), intricate carvings and an old kitchen that will leave you in awe. There's also a lovely garden and a cellar that both hosted the cloister monks. Make sure you get the chance to explore the grounds in full and appreciate the beauty of this quiet and captivating place.

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