Comune di Rosazza

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Comune di Rosazza - Italy
Comune di Rosazza - Italy
Comune di Rosazza
📍 Italy
Rice Terraces of Yuanyang is a mesmerizing landscape located in Yunnan Province, China. Carved out of the Ailao Mountains, these rice paddies are an incredible feat of human engineering and an astonishing sight to behold. Yuanyang rice terraces stretch out from the slope of the Ailao Mountains, like vibrant colorful ribbons meandering down the hillsides. During this time of the year, the yellow-green seedling rice twinkles in the sun and decorates the mountainside like thousands of tiny diamonds. It is necessary to walk up quite high before you can take in the magnificence of the views. Here, you will find images of the dramatic thousand year-old terraced fields that were built without modern machinery, and are still partially used for agriculture. It is one of the most awe-inspiring sites in China and the best spot from which to experience the visual beauty of the captivating terraces.

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