Cologne's Buildings

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Cologne's Buildings - Desde Kleine Sandkaul, Germany
Cologne's Buildings - Desde Kleine Sandkaul, Germany
@daniel_von_appen - Unsplash
Cologne's Buildings
📍 Desde Kleine Sandkaul, Germany
Welcome to Cologne's Buildings in Köln, Germany! This area of the city is home to some of the finest architecture in Germany. Visitors will find sights like the Cologne Cathedral, the city's impressive Romanesque basilica that stands atop the remains of an old Roman temple. The eleven Romanesque churches, the reconstructed, 15th-century city wall, and the city's many museums are some of the other highlights. The Old Town is also a must-see with its winding cobbled streets, old-world charm and Cologne's famous pubs, restaurants, and cafes. Culture buffs will love the city's rich history and cultural attractions. Don't forget to take a boat trip down the River Rhine, or a Trolleybus tour to explore the city. Do take in the view of the Rhine valley at the height of Hohenzollern Bridge, one of the city's most impressive landmarks. Come experience the rich history and cultural experience of the city of Köln!

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