CN Tower

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CN Tower - Desde Grange Park, Canada
CN Tower - Desde Grange Park, Canada
@scottwebb - Unsplash
CN Tower
📍 Desde Grange Park, Canada
Centrally located along Toronto's waterfront and two of Canada's most recognised attractions, CN Tower and Grange Park offer the perfect backdrop for travelers and photographers alike. CN Tower is a 553 metre concrete and steel pillar, forming the centrepiece of the Toronto skyline. This iconic landmark has three observation floors and an exhilarating glass-floored viewing platform. Grange Park is a tranquil urban green space filled with pathways and cherry trees. It is home to one of the oldest and most beautiful Chinese gardens in North America, making it perfect for taking stunning photos. The walled gardens and stunning vistas of the city skyline also make it a popular spot for romantic weddings and engagements.

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