Clifford's Tower

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Clifford's Tower - Desde Stairs, United Kingdom
Clifford's Tower - Desde Stairs, United Kingdom
@through_my_lens - Unsplash
Clifford's Tower
📍 Desde Stairs, United Kingdom
Clifford's Tower is an iconic landmark in the city of York, in the United Kingdom. It is a polygonal tower located on high ground in the center of the city. It is the same site where William the Conqueror built a castle in 1068, shortly after he took control of the city of York. The current tower was built in the late 12th century and has seen multiple renovations throughout the centuries. It's 30 meters high and stands on a mound surrounded by a ditch. Today, it is a Grade I listed building and an excellent example of medieval military architecture. It stands as an important reminder of York’s 2,000 years of history and offers a stunning view of the city, despite being off-limits to the public. You can view the tower from several different points around the city, or take a leisurely stroll around its perimeter.

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