Cleveland Sign

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Cleveland Sign - Desde Voinovich Park, United States
Cleveland Sign - Desde Voinovich Park, United States
@dj_johns1 - Unsplash
Cleveland Sign
📍 Desde Voinovich Park, United States
The Cleveland Sign is an iconic landmark in the heart of Cleveland, Ohio. Located at the intersection of Euclid and East 4th Street in Downtown, it is a recognizable symbol for the city. It consists of four, 14 foot block letters spelling out the word "CLEVELAND," each with a white background and black trim. It was originally constructed in 1933 as part of a beautification project. Today, the Cleveland Sign serves as a focal point for visitors and locals alike, and is a popular spot for photographs. Whether you’re a history buff, a fan of urban culture, or just looking for the perfect spot to trigger memories of your Cleveland adventure, the Cleveland Sign is the perfect iconic spot.

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