City Hall

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City Hall - Desde Inside, United States
City Hall - Desde Inside, United States
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City Hall
📍 Desde Inside, United States
City Hall in Philadelphia, United States, is an iconic building that stands prominently in the city’s Centre Square. Built between 1871-1901 and designed in the Second Empire-style, the 548 foot tall building is the world’s tallest masonry building. The building is illuminated by four nearly 39 feet tall sculptures ("Rising Sun") designed by Alexander Milne Calder, which depict a sun rising from between two mountains. The building also boasts a massive 446 foot tall clock tower, with the faces of its clock measuring nearly 27 feet in diameter combine. Guided tours of the building are available, which includes the Mayor's Reception Room and the extraordinary City Council Chambers. In addition, visitors can visit the iconic LOVE sculpture, located inside the building’s courtyard, which was designed by Robert Indiana in 1976.

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