Cibeles' Palace

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Cibeles' Palace - Desde Front, Spain
Cibeles' Palace - Desde Front, Spain
@freeze_gb - Unsplash
Cibeles' Palace
📍 Desde Front, Spain
Cibeles' Palace (also known as the Palacio de Comunicaciones) is a famous landmark in Madrid, Spain. Located in the city's central Plaza de Cibeles, it was designed by architect Antonio Palacios and was built between 1905 and 1917. It is an impressive sight, and one of the main symbols of Madrid, featuring an ornate stone façade, a grand staircase, and a large central dome.

Serving as the City Hall of Madrid until 2007, it is now the headquarters of the Spanish Post Office, but it still is open to visitors. Inside, visitors can admire the magnificent Great hall of Frescoes, adorned by local artist Daniel Vázquez Díaz, and its Opulent private administration offices, while staff offer guided tour of its historic Ministerial Conference Hall and a restored boardroom now used for official ceremonies. The view from outside is perhaps even more impressive: the building stands in the centre of a roundabout, with its four façades perfectly symmetrical, and surrounded by four grand statues representing the goddess of nature, Cybele, for whom the square is named. The Square is also home to a number of other statues, and is a popular gathering point for locals.

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