Chinatown Paifang

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Chinatown Paifang - United Kingdom
Chinatown Paifang - United Kingdom
@chmarco - Unsplash
Chinatown Paifang
📍 United Kingdom
Chinatown Paifang is an archway located in the heart of Greater London, United Kingdom. It marks the entrance to London’s Chinatown, the largest in Europe, in the vibrant and exciting Soho neighborhood. The iconic Chinese-style gate, known as the Chinatown Paifang, was the result of a project which brought the Chinese community together to create a landmark which would stand out in the city. The Paifang was designed by British-Chinese architects, inspired by two of the most famous Chinese landmark structure – The Pailou and the Tian An Men. The arch consists of three parts – skies and three pavilions. It's a great spot for photos and capturing the essence of Chinese culture in the heart of London.

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