Chapman's Peak

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Chapman's Peak - South Africa
Chapman's Peak - South Africa
@jacques_burger - Unsplash
Chapman's Peak
📍 South Africa
Chapman's Peak is a spectacular driving route along the Atlantic Ocean. It winds its way 5 km down a steep and winding path, offering spectacular views and stunning photo opportunities. The drive is filled with lookout points and scenic locations for you to enjoy. While the drive offers a stunning view of the ocean, the peaks and valleys make it a driver's paradise, filled with twists and turns. Be wary of the road and yourself, as the guard rails are often cut to make the drive manageable, so drive cautiously and, of course, don't forget to check for road closures and bad weather. This place is also a great destination for adventurers; there is a variety of hiking trails, from soft and sandy to rocky and steep. Whether you take on a day-hike or a multiple-day hike, you can find the perfect path that fits your skill level. If you have time, there are also numerous other attractions nearby, including the adventurous Table Mountain National Park. So, if you’re in Cape Town, don’t miss out on the drive of a lifetime!

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