Cerro Campanario

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Cerro Campanario - Argentina
Cerro Campanario - Argentina
Cerro Campanario
📍 Argentina
Cerro Campanario is one of the most consistent trekking attractions in Bariloche, Argentina. This stunning viewpoint offers spectacular views of the Andes, the Nahuel Huapi lake, and other landmarks of Bariloche such as Llao Llao peninsula, Isla Victoria, and the stunning homes of Cerro Otto. Hikes to the summit of Cerro Campanario can start from different paths depending on your physical conditions and the time available. Whether by foot or by chairlift, do not miss the opportunity to see this amazing scenery from one of the top of the highlights of Bariloche. Along the way, howler monkeys, and other wildlife to be seen, as well as a few permanent kiosks for snacks and souvenirs. Reach the summit and get ready to capture incredible memories!

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If you arrive tired you can sit down to rest and eat in a beautiful restaurant
From above we can see all the small circuit, the Llao Llao Hotel and the Nahuel Huapi Lake.
Low difficulty trail, take advantage of doing it walking
It can be reached by public transport from the center of Bariloche
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